Each of our child care rooms offers an age-appropriate, structured schedule. The schedules are posted in each room for you to review during the tour. Your child will receive a nutritional breakfast, 8 – 8:20am, lunch, 11 – 11:30am, and afternoon snack, 2:30 – 2:45pm. Each of these meals follow the Child and Adult Care Food Program and special attention is given to children with food allergies.

Our hours are Monday – Friday 5:30am – 5:30pm.

4 weeks – 23 months $245.00/week
2 years old $215.00/week
3 years old $205.00/week
4 – 5 years old $195.00/week
Registration Fee: $75.00/one time fee

We do accept Iowa’s Government Assistance/Promise Jobs.

Our Enrollment Procedures generally follow these steps:

  1. Building Tour
  2. Enrollment packet filled out and returned with Registration Fee and 1st weeks payment.

The enrollment packet must be completely filled out properly. If any information is missing, the paperwork will be returned to the family and could push your start date, if the information required is not provided. You must indicate what your child’s schedule will be on the Contract for Services page. Full Time means your child will be in attendance Monday – Friday between 5 – 10 hours per day.

There is a 5% discount for the oldest 2nd child. Rates are subject to change annually. All payments are due by the close of business, Friday for the next weeks care. Tuition is due regardless of whether your child is in attendance or not. There is a $35.00 Non-Sufficient Fund Fee and $10.00/day late fee for each day the Child Care weekly payment is late.

Our teachers will interact with your child throughout the day. It may be reading, singing, playing games, art, your child be in a nurturing, caring environment. We will build cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in your child. We offer plenty of space and material for your child to learn, explore and experience the world around them. Our outside area is the most favored time for the children.

Go ahead and start the enrollment procedure for your child to join one of our classes. Little Cupcakes Child Care LLC hopes to welcome your child at the learning center soon.